Come Say Hello! Every Sunday at 5pm. Kids Welcome. 60 Wairoa Avenue.

What Happens at Church?

At our Sunday gathering you'll find locals singing, praying, hearing the bible read, listening to a bible talk and sharing the Lord's Supper. Come join us sometime. All are welcome. Kids are part of our community too, they spend some of the time in the hall with the adults singing and sharing as well in their tailored kid's program upstairs for those aged 2-11. 


Come to a Questions Course or a Welcome Brunch?

Above you'll find links for both our Questions Group and our Welcome Brunch. The Questions Course is a 6 week lounge room conversation group where people have space to explore the big questions in life and the basics of the Christian faith. We have a bite to eat, watch a video and then chat. Whether you have a faith or not, you'd be welcome. The Welcome Brunch is for people who want to meet some regulars, hear what our church is and how to take part. We run both of these regularly through the year. 

To get in touch, talk to a minister or for more info email

Good News

Convinced by the good news in the bible that God loves us & wants to lead us to life with  peace, purpose & hope, we meet at 5pm each Sunday at 60 Wairoa Avenue, Bondi Beach.