Bondi Anglican Church


Bondi Anglican Church has a growing group of local churches and gatherings. We want to engage with Jesus and be changed for good. In Jesus, God makes himself known, saves us from our sin and leads us into a new life of peace, purpose and hope. You are very welcome to join us.


Since January 1st 2018, two local Anglican Parishes have joined to become one (The Anglican Parish of Bondi & Waverley). Our Vision and Mission and plans guide us as we make an even more positive impact in our local communities. We have an approach to being a church that seeks to be engaging, relevant and helpful in our area, encompassing Bondi Junction, Bondi, North Bondi , Bondi Beach, Tamarama, Bronte and Waverley.

Due to Covid restrictions, we are currently live streaming 5pm church. See home page for details.

When we gather normally, our Sunday services are:

8am at St Mary's - 240 Birrell St Bondi Junction:

Traditional Anglican Prayer Book Service with Organ and Lord's Supper.


10am at St Mary's - 240 Birrell St Bondi Junction:

Contemporary church with kids programme.

9:30am at Beach Church - 60 Wairoa Avenue Bondi Beach:

Little Souls. Designed with little children in mind

5pm at Beach Church - 60 Wairoa Avenue Bondi Beach:

Relaxed contemporary Church with kids programme. 

A healthy church only comes with healthy relationships between people and God, through Jesus. We want to promote healthy relationships based on what Jesus has achieved for us, making and growing followers of Jesus.


Governance and Affiliation

We are in the Sydney Anglican Diocese group of churches. We have a Parish Council chosen every year at our AGM to help oversee our operations. At our 2021 AGM, we decided to have three Wardens as our Parish Council who meet regularly with our Rector, or Ministry  team leader,  Martin Morgan.

Take a look around this site to find out more about our ministries, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


We are currently planning the best way to use our three fantastic physical sites to best serve our mission and will develop better facilities in coming years. Click on button below to find out more.