Info and resources for engaging during this time of church closures

1. Church This Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

This Sunday we won't be meeting physically for church (see below). We will meet online at 5pm via an internet conference call. For info about how to take part and to get a link to join in, please email

You can register for our Palm Sunday 5th April Online Church by following this link:

and entering 101 365 049 as the link number when asked.

Whilst obviously saddened by the fact that we can’t meet physically week by week in the normal way, it also challenges us to think through how we do church. How we can proactively be the church together whilst being separate. In the coming days the leaders of Bondi Church will update this webpage with information and resource for doing just this.

The present situation also gives us all the opportunity to think through how we can encourage, love and care for one another as well as our neighbours. Please look out for each other and your neighbours whenever and wherever you can, while maintaining restrictions.

2. Physical Gatherings temporarily suspended