Questions Courses

Got questions about life and God? We all do, and it is good to ask them together. So we regularly run what we call questions courses where 5 - 10 people will do a 6 or 12 week course that explores some aspect of life and faith. The idea is to have a safe place to ask questions and explore the claims of the bible.

What are they?

Our questions groups are generally held in a lounge room over nibbles and drinks. After arriving and saying hi to one another we watch a short video followed by some time to share reflections, ask questions and chat. You can as whatever you like or just listen in. 

Who are they for? 

Questions groups are for anyone who has questions about life and faith. You may have faith and be looking to refresh your it or maybe you don't have faith but want to explore. Contact to find out more or hear when the next course starts.